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Double Hung Wood Sash Replacement Kit
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Double Hung Wood Sash Replacement Kit

2/0x3/2, 2/0x3/10, 2/0x4/6
2/0x5/2, 2/0x6/2, 2/4x3/2
2/4x3/10, 2/4x4/6, 2/4x5/2
2/4x6/2, 2/8x3/2, 2/8x3/10
2/8x4/6, 2/8x5/2, 2/8x6/2
3/0x3/2, 3/0x3/10, 3/0x4/6
3/0x5/2, 3/0x6/2
Colors: Natural Wood
Additional Info: All kits are: Low-E Glass / Full Light. Additionally, include all the parts neccessary to replace the wood sashes in a double hung window. All sizes are for wood. Example: a 2/4x6/2 size is for a 2'4" x 6'2" sash.
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